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The LiteGear LiteMat Plus 4 Hybrid LED Light Kit Gold Mount provides a soft, controllable LED BiColor light source.

Featuring 2304 new Cinemitter LEDs. At less than 1 inch thick, the LiteGear LiteMat Plus 4 is a versatile lighting tool.

Use it as a keylight for interviews, a soft top-light fill or a wrapping back light. The perimeter is covered with Velcro for easy attachment of accessories or even attaching to a wall or ceiling.

A convenient Kino Flo type twist on mounting plate for use on a baby stand, c-stand or clamp. You will be impressed with the Cinemitter LEDs which are 40% brighter than our VHO Pro emitters. Plus a high CRI of 95+ while providing a color temperature range from 2600K to 6200K.


Kit Includes:


LiteMat PLUS FOURLiteDimmer PLUS DC200G w/250W

Power SupplyPower Mounting Plate Gold Mount IEC,12' PL7 Extension

PolySkirt3pc Diffusion SetLouverLiteMountKit Bag

SnapGrid 40°

Litemat 4 Plus + Hybride (Snapbag and Grid)


The perfect lightweight and versatile Unit with New TwistLock connector.
This Latest Version from Litegear is 40 % Brighter than S2 series and draws 8 Amp instead of 16 Amp with 1100 more LED!

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