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The new Q-LED Rainbow Linear LED Lamp featuring RGBX can paint your world with vibrant saturated color and illuminate it with powerful white light from our 2000° Candlelight to 6000° Daylight Kelvin.

All Rainbow Lamps are equipped with onboard digital interface giving you command of Intensity, Kelvin, Hue & Saturation.

Each lamp has a built in Lumen Radio CRMX chip for wireless control.

The Rainbow can also be wired to DMX via Cat5 I/O Port.

The lamp is Self Ballasted AC input utilizing Neutrik True1 locking connector as well as locking Barrel connector for DC input.


Included in the kit:

2 - 4ft Quasar RGBX Tube

2 - Set of Q Boot-R (1 Power End, 1 Control End)

2 - 8' True 1 Power Connector Cable

2 - Q-Upgrade USB Cable 2 - Instruction Card

2- Cardellini



Quasar Rainbow RGBX (2x4ft)

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